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  • Alan Spearmam
    140" 8 point taken on black Friday
    Clover , SC
  • Alex catledge
    Chester, SC
  • Michael Jenkins
    Double 7” drop tines, trophy of a lifetime! 18 1/4 wide
    Lake Wylie , SC
  • Andrew Caskey – copy
    10 point taken down with the Browning 270!!
    Lancaster, SC
  • Nick Coghi
    Not dead or a hunt kill, but a trophy to me. My dog sleeping
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Garrett Chapman
    First crossbow hunt!
    Lancaster, SC
  • bo freeman
    One of my twin boys Hunter Freeman showing off his first deer a 7 point he killed opening day of bow season with his crossbow! He and his brother are showing him off.  Now its Holden's turn!
    Rock Hill Sc, SC
  • Ramesh Reid
    When 2 years of bow hunting pays off with a nice 7 pointer
    Rock Hill Sc, SC
  • Rick Cooke
    First Gaston County buck - September 14, 2018
    Clover, SC
  • Doug Tuttle
    First boar hunting trip for my father and myself. Looks like dad won again.
    Fort Mill, SC
  • Alexander Catledge
    I was watching this deer for 2 years and I used my gram-pa’s 30-30.
    Chester , SC
  • Casey Broome
    9 point taking with 308 in Ridgeway SC
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Jamie Jones
    Thanks for the Awesome work setting me up for such a great hunting season
    Rock Hill , SC
  • Chris Taylor
    Shot my best buck 12-8-18 in Wilkes County, NC
    Wilkesboro, NC
  • Wes Burton
    Charlie Burton’s First Deer 10 pt. Chester County
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Robert Savage
    First time out this season, both within an hour of sitting in the stand. No trophies but filled the freezer!
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Nora Barringer
    10 year old took her first deer, a nice 7 pointer.
    Chester, SC
  • Christopher Roseboro
    NC buck taken in pouring rain near Shelby NC....
    Shelby, NC
  • Christopher Roseboro
    Spring Gobbler taken mid day near Shelby NC....
    Shelby, NC
  • Christian Isaacs
    9 point
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Dillon Randolph
    One of last years thunder chickens
    Gaffney, SC
  • Aidan
    My first deer i was 9 and I shot it with a 30-06
    Lancaster, SC
  • Brad Czyk
    First Deer - Pennsylvania 9 point with my bow that was set up at the archery counter in Nichols.
    Charlotte, NC
  • Tee Wylie
    Big Buck
    Richburg, SC
  • Keith Kuhn
    Cactus Deer 11-2015
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Dustin Quick
    First buck with a rifle.
    Marion, SC
  • Caroline Reeves
    Its a nice 6 point. Shot it with my 308 winchester.
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Jaylen Huckeba
    First deer; 8 point buck
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Elizabeth Roof
    10 pt. 237 lbs. 17-3/4" spread
    Chester, SC
  • Allen brandon
    170 lbs 9 point
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Dustin Peterson
    Biggest deer ever killed
    Smyrna, SC
  • Allen Brandon
    160 lbs 8 point
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Allen Brandon
    Not bad for a crippled! 11 point
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Allen Brandon
    160 lbs 8 point
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Allen brandon
    170 lbs 9 point
    Rock Hill, SC
  • David Atkinson
    David with a nice 7 pointer
    Fort Mill, SC
  • Jimmy Kirkland
    10/31/2014 9 point bow kill
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Wayne Gross
    Large buck
    Richburg, SC
  • Michael Martin
    180 lb 8 point
    Starr, SC
  • Craig Missigman
    Pretty cool pic from trail cam. While I am full draw in the tree waiting for the shot
    Charlotte, NC
  • Joe Leahew
    My son Jack with my little spike buck. Not a trophy but his smile is all I care about.
    Tega Cay, SC
  • Courtney Batchelof
    First Buck
    Fort Mill, SC
  • Coulter Calhoun
    Killed in fort lawn South Carolina 180 pound 9 point my first buck!
    Fort Lawn, SC
  • Scott Campbell
    First deer ever, 8 point with my Nichols Browning 300 Win Mag
    York, SC
  • Vince Simonetti
    Ohio deer, 8 point, 265 pounds. Show with my Ten Point crossbow that I bought at Nichols Store
    Charlotte, NC
  • Molique Mitchell
    10.25.2014 First Deer. 4 pt. 115 pounds. Congrats Molique
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Ivy Oates
    One night of hunting and brings home a 5pt and 153 lb 10 pt.
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Andrew Limbaugh
    First buck of 2014. Climbed, sat down, raised my muzzle loader and 'B A M' within one minute he was down! Is that a record?
    Fort Mill, SC
  • Don Sealy
    210 pounds 8 points
    York, SC
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Nichols Store, located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, started back in 1968 as a small country store primarily selling gas, grocery items and a small amount of fishing supplies. The store was owned and operated by Tommy “Papa Tom” Nichols from 1968 until 1989, at which time Tommy's son, Darren, purchased the store.

Now celebrating over 30 years, Darren Nichols has combined his experiences and love for the outdoors and expressed it by taking his vision into action and creating an outdoor retail store for the entire family.

Nichols Store's high ceiling, cedar paneled and trophy mounted walls, give our customers a warm friendly hunting lodge-like atmosphere. Through highly trained support staff, Nichols Store provides product expertise in all areas and is devoted to fulfilling all of your outdoor needs...

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